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"I Love Bugs"

 去年アマゾンで購入した Yo Gabba Gabba のCDから、何曲かレッスンで使用する予定なのですが(2015/12/14ブログ参照)、私がハマっていて大好きなのに、曲がラップのためレッスンには取り入れられない、そんなナイスな1曲をご紹介。
"I Love Bugs" (= 虫大好き )。
虫っていいな♪ って気持ちをラップに乗せて歌ってます。内容はキュートなクセに歌うのはかなり難しい。
I love bugs
I love bugs
I wish I was kinda small
So I could be like the bugs crawling up the wall
I could live in the dirt, make a mud palace
Chillin' in the garden, eatin' all the salad
Or maybe I could have eight legs and make my own web
Hang upside down and maybe live underground (ugh)
So many cool things bugs can do
I can sing this song just for me and you
I love bugs
I love bugs (we be buggin')
Bees make honey they don't do it for money
And ants in your pants will surely make you dance
Centipedes need a thousand shoes
Mosquitos livin' in the blue bayou
Butterflies, so unique
Give us little kisses upon your cheek
So many cool things bugs can do
I like bugs baby, how 'bout you?



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